Top 6 Spiciest Beefs We’ve Had From Rappers In SA Hip Hop 2020

Top 6 Spiciest Beefs We’ve Had From Rappers In SA Hip Hop 2020. Hip hop is a genre that is often tainted with controversy which has earned the term beefing when rappers are entangled in it. In 2020 like any other year before the domination of SA Hip Hop we’ve witnessed a number of rappers giving each other a rough time on social media.

Beefing in SA Hip Hop rarely reaches a point of resolve because again, egos displayed in a public eye require a lot of protection. Some rappers revived old conflicts while some surprised the public by randomly dishing out insults.

Below are 5 beefs in SA Hip Hop that shook things up online in 2020

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1. DJ Speedsta Vs DJ Double D

DJ Speedsta started off by claiming that Double D hasn’t done anything of substance and value for the game. D took offence and told Speedsta to lay off him because he made it obvious how he personally felt about him and his work.

2. AKA & Cassper

It might be the beef we’ve seen taking place for years but each year it adds more flavour. This year the two rappers resumed their altercation when AKA dissed Mufasa’s parents. The two decided to resolve their issues with a boxing match. They have since been promising to whoop each other’s teeth out. The match is set to take place May next year.

3. Nasty C Vs Nota

Nota Baloyi has pretty much delivered countless of views most rappers didn’t react kindly on. Nota was fixated on Nasty C’s music, saying he didn’t fit the title Zulu Man With Some Power nor did his music since he doesn’t represent What SA Hip Hop should be. In response Nasty told Nota to sit his old as* down and get on with times.

4. Kwesta Vs BMW

BMW used Kwesta’s song Spirit in the background of their latest advertisement evoking rage from the rapper who confronted them legally demanding they ‘do the right thing’.

5. Ntukza Vs Scoop Makhathini

Earlier on the year Ntukza expressed his anger and dislike towards Scoop for his actions back in 2016 where he publicly scrutinized his music. The iLa rapper revealed he was taking a legal route to fight Scoop and wanted his money back. He believed that he lost out on sales because of Makhathni’s slander towards his brand as an artist.

6. Emtee Vs Ambitiouz Entertainment

This is one beef we can agree needs not much introduction because it has been ongoing ever since The Hustla left the stable. He took a legal route when they refused to grant him back his awards amongst many resources he felt he was deserving off for the contribution to the company.


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