Cassper Speaks On The Boxing Match AKA Challenged Him To

Cassper gets on a sit down with Slikour Via IG Live

Cassper Speaks On The Boxing Match AKA Challenged Him To. Slikour is one the artists who has used the opportunity to interview artists via IG Live during the lockdown. The likes of Gigi Lamayne, Big Zulu and Nasty C to mention a few count as the latest guests.

One of the guests was Cassper Nyovest who shared everything aside from what we usually see on tweets. The lengthy interview also showed the star in the comfort of his room, talking freely he let views in more of what they’ve been yearning to know.

The highlight of the interview was him opening up about the boxing match AKA challenged him to. Supa Mega went on a Twitter rant mid last month talking about how he wants to settle beef with Mufasa on the boxing ring with a price of 1 Million Rands and dignity.

“We are going to FIGHT in a ring … hopefully … and if you are lucky you will get tickets in the nosebleeds,” wrote Mega. He added on by expressing how he plans to rearrange his face in front of family.

“I’m going to shatter your face in front of your family. Sign the contract and stop talking to me through social media.(please tag this guy) NOW,” added Bhova.

In response to that Cassper expressed if he is keen or not to go on a challenge.



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