AKA Disses A Tweep For Mentioning The Moozlie Vs Samkelo Beef Under His Tweet

AKA Disses A Tweep For Mentioning The Moozlie Vs Samkelo Beef Under His Tweet. Usually when celebrities beef rarely do fellow prominent stars get themselves involved, but social media users are always at the liberty to share all kinds of views.

Wednesday of this week actress Samkelo Ndlovu took to social media to drop a one hour video dragging rapper Moozlie after an argument that took place at a certain event. The two have a history of not getting along but things recently to a turn for the worst.

Mooz hasn’t replied to the insults that have made her fall victim to social media slander. However, Mabena is focused on pushing her album The Spirit Of An OG which fellow rap friends including AKA are supporting her to promote it further.

Supa Mega tweeted the link of the Vatel rapper’s new album and the comments weren’t pleasing until he felt the need to reply. One tweep wrote “We ain’t fckng with moozlie dawg after what she did to samkelo nah dawg.”

In response Mega said “Looking at your profile pic It looks like you’re a male. But I’d say not … since you’re so involved in two females’ business.”


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