“Who are you,” Nota Confronts PH Raw For Ordering Rappers To Either Stick To Hip Hop Or Quit

“Who are you,” Nota Confronts PH Raw For Ordering Rappers To Either Stick To Hip Hop Or Quit. Earlier on the week the debate on the artists selected to grace the Top 10 MTV Base Hottest MC’s got a bit intense as more rappers chimed in.

PH Raw is one of the rappers who expressed how unfair it was for other rappers to be denied an opportunity to make it to the top 10 hottest MCs list. He went as to tell artist to stop calling them hip hop artists if they do other genres, he was making reference to the selection of Amapiano artist on the list.

“If your music is not hip hop, PLEASE do Hip Hop a huge favor and remove yourself from the list, and allow those who have focused on the genre 365 days a week their opportunity. Its only fair,” wrote PH.

Nota wasn’t having it and asked who does he think he is to decide for artists.

“This is South Africa… South Africans love the sounds of Amapiano, who are you to tell them that it is inferior? The #BaseHottestMC is the one who embraced his people and still gave them Hip-hop. Listen to the message, the streets agree Focalistic Ke Star.

Baloyi went on to explain to people who have been complaining about the list from the MTV Base Hottest MC’s 2020.

“If the list was trash it wouldn’t be a debate raging a week later. That list is rock solid 9/10 at worst. The point was to decide what the identity of SA Hip-hop is for the next decade and if you combine the styles of all 10 of the rappers on that list then you know what it takes to make your mark on South African hip-hop and still make an impact with your music because musical impact was highly weighted this year,” he concluded.

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