Cassper Explains Why Nadia Is The Only Rapper Signed To His Label

Cassper Explains Why Nadia Is The Only Rapper Signed To His Label. Award-winning rapper and Family Tree Boss Cassper Nyovest has formed solid relationships with fellow rappers in the industry over the years and has built a solid foundation in the industry through his record label. Recently Cassper celebrated a collaboration with significant record label Def Jam Africa.

Recently Cassper Nyovest joined the Trending SA team to converse about a number of topics relating to his music, being the boss of Family Tree and of course the boxing match with his rival AKA. When asked about his record label, Cassper mentioned that he hadn’t signed anyone because he doesn’t want to deal with the drama.

Nadia Nakai guest featured on the show through video call and asked Cassper what is difficult about working with her. Cassper humbly responded, “Nadia’s cool. Nadia does her own thing, she’ll call me whenever she needs me. You don’t have to babysit her, everything that Nadia does all her successes are attributed to her.”

Cassper continued to break down their working relationship, “I’m like the music guy who comes in and says I don’t know about this song or this verse. In terms of her businesses it’s all her. That’s why she’s the only artist on the label now, cause she’s not looking at me on some can I, may I”.  

 Nadia explained that their partnership works because she does not step on Cassper’s toes by trying to be the alpha. She takes the time to learn from as much as she can from him, and says that women know how to be smart about their decisions.

Cassper ended off the topic by saying that maybe he should sign females only.

Catch the full Trending SA Episode featuring Cassper here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJkD0KnO0j4

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