Rouge Explains Why Emtee Is Not On The Popular Remix

Rouge applied a specific criterion when choosing features for the Popular Remix, what could that be?

Rouge Explaing Why Emtee Is Not On The Popular Remix. Award-Winning rapper Rouge is no stranger to remixes as she’s featured on a few herself. The Senzeni Na rapper has appeared on Tumi Tladi’s Basadi remix that featured Moozlie and on AKA’s all female Baddest remix featuring Fifi Cooper, Moozlie and Gigi Lamayne.

Rouge is set to release two singles featuring a wide variety of rappers. One of her releases will be the remix to her smash hit Popular that originally featured Emtee. A twitter fan asked Rouge why her selection of rappers for the remix had not included the Roll Up rapper. The fan wrote, “yeah Rouge why is Emtee not in the popular remix”.

In attempts to grow SA Hip Hop, Rouge simply replied, “Cause I wanted to put the new wave on the Remix”.

In a weeklong rollout, Rouge announced a stellar list of features that will feature on the Popular remix. The remix will feature Costa Titch, Phantom Steeze, Tumi Tladi, Hanna and Blxckie and will be produced by Wichi 1080.

After the rollout for Popular Remix Rouge had announced that she will be dropping two new tracks on the same day. Rouge’s second drop Gear Box will give feature an array of different rappers all from Cape Town who are expected to bring heat to the track. The Gear Box features include Youngsta CPT, Jack Parow and Jay.

Gear Box and the Popular Remix are set to release on the 29th of January 2021.

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