Stogie T Calls Out M.I Abaga For Smoking His Cigar Backwards

Stogie T Calls Out M.I Abaga For Smoking His Cigar Backwards. When it comes to the dinner things in life such as cigars and expensive cognac, Stogie T Knows best. He even named himself after a cigar so we know when he says you are smoking it wrong, then you’re definitely doing it wrong.

Stogie responded to a monochrome photo on twitter of Nigerian rapper and producer M.I Abaga smoking a cigar that was compared to photo of legendary basketball legend Michael Jordan that had the same manner to it.

The rapper however spotted something off about the photo, and it seems like abaga still has a lot to learn about the #CigarLife. Comparing the two photos, Stogie flexed his cigar knowledge and called out what went left with the Naija rappers photo that clearly unforgivable.

“Looks cool but Stog can tell you Jordan smoking a Bolivar, and by the shape it’s a torpedo, also perhaps more troubling, either your Cohiba is backwards or you smoking a cigar with its foot band on? I love you Jude but this I can’t let go of” Stogie wrote.

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