Flex Rabanyan Has A Message For The LGBTQI+ Community

Flex Rabanyan Has A Message For The LGBTQI+ Community. Flex Rabanyan is one rapper who is quite outspoken on his social media pages. If he has something to say he will certainly get it off his chest and not be afraid to catch any smoke for it.

The Vuzu Hustle Season 2 Winner recently landed in hot water with black twitter after commenting on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s confirmed divorce. He was dragged by black twitter for his opinion, many stating that his opinion is wrong and shameful.

Award Winning Queer Director and Radio DJ, DJ Olwee was tagged on one of his tweets mentioning that Flex’s comments will lead him to career suicide. DJ Olwee mentioned that Flex shouldn’t talk sideways because he probably needs money from queer people.

Flex’s response to DJ Olwee read, “LOL. How’s a rainbow man going to react to a message that says let’s fight for our country when he is acting like a woman“.

Another member of the community called for Flex’s music to be blacklisted from all major radio stations and television channels. He also said that whoever approves Flex’s music from the radio stations will be fired.

Flex took to twitter share a message to the LGBTQI+ community of South Africa. He especially directed his message to gay black men of the community. In his video he says that he will not be issuing any form of apology to anyone who offended him about his mother.

He continues to say that he finds it weird that members of the LGBTQI+ community get a pass to say what they want to say about anyone.

Watch Flex’s full message to the LGBTQI+ community here:

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