Flex Rabanyan Talks Being Blacklisted From Radio After Being Dragged By Black Twitter

Flex Rabanyan Talks Being Blacklisted From Radio After Being Dragged By Black Twitter. Flex Rabanyan has always landed in hot water after sharing his opinions on Twitter. This time around, black twitter isn’t playing around and are coming for the rapper!

The Vuzu Hustle Season 2 winner Flex Rabanyan took to twitter to share his opinion of Kim and Kanye’s divorce that was recently confirmed. The Change My Life rapper tweeted that he thinks Kim is the problem in their divorce and not Kanye.

He tweeted, “Kim is 40 on her 3rd divorce but no, Kanye is the problem.” It did not take long for a fan to clap back at Flex mentioning that since he won the Vuzu Hustle no one knows any of his music.

As more tweeps joined in to dig at Flex, one tweet called for him to blacklisted off of all major radio stations and television channels.

The twitter user tweeted, “BLACKLIST Flex RABANYAN IMMEDIETLY. If you dare play any of this homophobe’s music at any of your platforms, we will make sure whoever approved it GETS FIRED!”

It did not take long for Flex to respond, mentioning that he has been blacklisted saying that why else would he be not playlisted? “LOL THE GAG IS, I’VE BEEEEEEEEN BLACKLISTED. OTHERWISE WHY WOULD THE BEST RAPPER IN THE COUNTRY NOT BE PLAYLISTED?” He tweeted.

Other fans took the opportunity to drag him about where he is after winning Vuzu’s second season of The Hustle. Radio DJ, DJ Olwee tweeted that he thinks Flex should feature on Mzansi Magic’s ‘I Blew It’ after blowing R250 000 worth of prize money in a month.

Another tweep came for his financial decisions, calling Flex financially illiterate because he bought his Nissan for R78 000. Of course, Flex clapped back at them both.

Check out the tweets below:

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