Influencer Reveals How Major League Reacted After She Offered To Come Over And Cook Them Pap And Eggs

Influencer Reveals How Major League Reacted After She Offered To Come Over And Cook Them Pap and Eggs. Brothers and DJ duo Major League have been in the game for quite a long time and are very well-known in the country. From dropping Zulu Girls in 2015, they have made a solid name for themselves.

Popular Influencer Naledi Mallela recently put up a YouTube video where she DM’ed South African celebrities to see their reactions. One of the SA celebs she DM’ed were Major League DJz. She explained that she met the DJz when she was 19 and the brother duo were handing out badges at Tuks University.

She continued saying Bandile came over to her and handed her a badge and ten asked for her number, so she has known him personally for some time. In her DM to them she asked if she could come over to their house and make them pap and eggs.

Naledi received a response that read, “When babe?“. She laughed off the response by saying that she doesn’t know which one of the brothers responded to her message but she is certain that it could’ve been Bandile because of the addition of the word ‘babe’.

She assured them that she’d definitely be cooking pap and eggs for them soon!

The brothers recently appeared on an interview where they explained their status within the SA hip-hop DJ whatsapp group. He explained that he had left the group because they didn’t want the politics or drama that came with it.

He also mentioned that the biggest problem in SA hip-hop today is that our rappers are too focused on what American rappers are doing instead of finding something that is unique to us.

The brothers have been doing extremely well having made the switch to being full time amapiano DJs. They did however recently feature on a hip-hop track with Stino Le Thwenny, featuring K.O and Khuli Chana titled Mshimane 2.0.

Check out Naledi’s video here:

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