Nadia Nakai Speaks On Her Transition From Dancehall Music To Hip-Hop

Nadia Nakai Speaks On Her Transition From Dancehall Music To Hip-Hop. Nadia Nakai has been rated one of the best female rappers in the country by hip-hop critics and fans. Since she stepped onto the scene in 2013 she has blown SA Hip-Hop away with her singles Naaa Mean and Money Back.

Whilst in Ghana shooting her music video for Practice featuring Vic Mensa, Bragga joined AmeyawTV for an interview about why she was in Ghana at the time and her journey as a rapper in South Africa. She specifically told the host that she transitioned from making dancehall music to making hip-hop music full time.

She explains that while she completed high school in Nairobi Kenya, she was heavily influenced by dancehall because it was one of the most prominent genres in the country at the time.

When I came to SA I even called myself calypso, I had dreadlocks I was like this eccentric afro-electric kind of vibe and I went to university and I started working with some local students and we used to record like before class or after class.” Nadia explained.

She continues to explain that her sound is made up of a fusion of genres. “My sound kind of graduated from dance hall but it’s still in there I’ll still have songs where I rap in Patwa and I have that kind of like afro pop feel but my basis is hip-hop”.

Her brand developed from Calypso to Bragga after she signed to Family Tree Records with Casper Nyovest. She compares her brand as Bragga to Beyonce’s alter ego Sasha Fierce.

Watch Nadia’s full interview here:

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