Kwesta Talks On What Fans Can Expect From His Upcoming Album

Kwesta Talks On What Fans Can Expect From His Upcoming Album. After 5 years of the release of his platinum sellling album DaKar II, Kwesta is ready to deliver a new project to his fans. If the singles the rapper has already released are anything to go by, his fans are certainly in for a treat.

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The award winning rapper joined Kgomosto Meso to speak about the transition from DaKar II to his upcoming album g.o.d Gulva and what that means for his growth and maturity. He also spoke about what his fans can expect from the release.

Kwesta mentioned that so much has happened in his personal and professional life since he released his chart topping album 5 years ago. He mentioned that listeners will be able to hear the changes in storytelling within the music.

The stories are a little bit different. There will be stories about love generally, love for family , love for whoever you’re with, love for people, but those dynamics in between kind of change a little bit or improve, even in my thinking.” Kwesta said.

I packed that all in there, where there is also musical growth or at least experimenting where I’m confident enough to try new things to go, you’ve never heard this but you know lemme give you a little bit of this. That’s what the album is about, it’s about the growth of the guy who made DaKar II to the guy I am now“.

Kwesta continues to say that he tried to make it as personal, but also made it relatable as possible so fans can make it a little bit of their own. He continues to say that the stories he tells in the album are of the hood and even though he speaks about harsh realities, the tone is quite positive.

His aim for the album was to make it as enjoyable as possible. Kwesta’s new album is set to drop on the 30th of April 2021.

Watch his interview on Kaya FM with Kgomotso Meso here:

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