YFM’s #Threeway Hip Hop Show Hosts Tell Us Their Plans On Moving The SA Hip Hop Culture Forward

YFM‘s #Threeway Hip Hop Show Hosts Tell Us Their Plans On Moving The SA Hip Hop Culture Forward. We have seen a number of changes with a few local radio stations as they have said goodbye to a few personalities and have welcomed new radio shows to their devoted listeners just to shake things up. One of the stations newest shows is the Threeway, said to be dedicated to the culture and also bridging the gap between new upcoming artists and the radio listeners.

We had a chat with the three radio personalities that will be hosting the show Fif_Laaa, DJ Zan D and Samke. The trio shared their excitement of hosting a brand new hip hop show that will introduce Mzansi to some new flavour and change the face of not only the hip hop but also the media and entertainment industry as a whole.

According to Samke, the show is very different to other hip hop shows and podcasts that are also predominantly focused on hip hop culture because of the bomb combination consisting of two of the hottest DJ’s and a host who knows the industry in’s and out’s.

“The reason why we called the show The Threeway is because of that combination of the show, where we speak our minds and it’s unbarred we speak our honest truth and opinion” he said.

The show is said to be digging into more than just music as they will also be invading other media spaces such as fashion, photography and behind the scenes happening within the industry. The show also aims to educate listers about the commonalities of hip hop and other popular genres including Amapiano. Another flame that the trio are out to kill is the mentality towards hip hop as many are convinced that the Yano’s are taking over the hip hop industry.

“Hip hop is not dead, hip hop is within everything people do but they just don’t realise it and that’s what our show does” Zan D said.

The show is also set to put on all the hip hop artists who have now infiltrated the Amapiano industry such as Cassper, Khuli Chana and more, claiming that the show is focused shifting the culture and resurrecting hip hop music even in the clubs where it seems like the Yano’s have dominated the territory. Another mission that the show aims to tackle is giving new cats a platform to showcase their work and also put an end to artists complaining about not getting enough airplay form some stations.

“The show is not just a South African hip hop show, ao we are playing music from all over the world. How we introduce the world to new artists is through our new features on the show called Rep your hood where the three of us each weal chose a song that we think has next” Samke said.

You can catch the Threeway From Thursday’s at 21:00pm till midnight.

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