YoungstaCPT Shares What The Worst Part About Dropping Music Is These Days

YoungstaCPT Shares What The Worst Part About Dropping Music Is These Days. Award winning rapper YoungstaCPT is always capturing listeners with his creative take on history that is specific to him and his family. After dropping his album 3T in 2019, Youngsta might be ready to drop some more music.

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A fan of the Old Kappie hitmaker‘s took to twitter to ask the rapper if he has any upcoming bodies of work that fans can expect from him. He did reassure the rapper that he is however still enjoying 3T. Youngsta responded saying he has more than one body of work in his vault but shared the downside to releasing music these days.

He mentioned that the terrible part about releasing music these days is that people don’t necessarily take the time to appreciate music or art anymore and that they just wait for the next thing to drop so they can consume it in a hurry.

He tweeted, “I got bodies! Kak part is most mense don’t appreciate music/art anymore… Just waiting for the next thing to consume in a hurry like take aways! All junk food with Little soul…“.

YoungstaCPT has already started 2021 on an impressive note by collaborating with Shane Eagle on their single AMMO. The two even dropped music video for the single. Apart from his music he has introduced new talent to the SA Hip Hop streets. April Showers featured Youngsta on her debut single and all eyes have been on her since the drop!

The successful rapper has also expanded his Y?Gen brand to outside of Cape Town, launching it in Johannesburg and Durban to ensure a wider base of customers. The eye catching merchandise is being sold in Street Fever stores.

Stay tuned to see what Youngsta has up his sleeve next for his fans! It could be award winning!

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