5 Music Videos YoungstaCPT Has Dropped From ‘3T’ That Tell A Story About Cape Town

5 Music Videos YoungstaCPT Has Dropped From ‘3T’ That Tell A Story About Cape Town. YoungstaCPT has dubbed his debut album 3T a classic. The SAHHA award winning rapper has released plenty of music videos from the album that all tell a paint a picture.

YoungstaCPT On His SAHHA 2019 'Album Of The Year' Win

In his album YoungstaCPT paints a detailed picture of what it is like to live as a coloured person living in Cape Town. Each music video paints a different picture and is quite educational for South Africans. Here are 5 music videos from his debut album tell a story about Cape Town.

The Cape Of Good Hope

The Cape Of Good Hope music video shows off different areas of the city and captures them beautifully. In the video the audience sees Wynburg, Muizenburg, Clifton, Parkwood and Kalk Bay. In the YouTube description of the video, it highlights that the video should almost feel like a promotional video from Cape Town.

For Coloured Girls

The track produced by J-Beatz celebrated Coloured woman. In the video he mentions that while filming it he learnt a lot about woman. The tranquil music videos shows all coloured woman, young and old and has a relaxed and intimate feel too it.

La Familie

Youngsta mentioned that this music video means the most to him because it includes his actual family members. The video shot in black and white also includes his grandfather and was directed by Youngsta himself and Dale Fortune.

To Live And Die In CA

The successful rapper explained that he drew inspiration from Tupac’s To Live And Die In LA for this single. He said that he wanted to show the juxtaposition between Compton and Cape Town and shows how similar and how different the two cities are. This was one of the first videos to be released from the album.


Kleurling is Youngsta’s most recent release. The song was written in 2018 and he wrote it because he felt as though a song about the history of the condition of coloured people had not been done yet. The video was shot in both Cape Town and Johannesburg showing that even though the two cities are apart they are quite similar.

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