PH Raw X Reveals The Unique Way Boity’s ‘018’s Finest’ Was Produced And Recorded

PH Raw X Reveals The Unique Way Boity’s ‘018’s Finest’ Was Produced And Recorded. Award winning producer pH Raw X is one of South Africa’s top producers and has contributed to some of SA Hip Hop’s biggest hits. The star producer has also been apart of scouting some of the country’s young talent and continues to make wave in the industry as both a producer and a rapper.

The Caught Up hitmaker recently featured as Ms Cosmo and Scoop Makhathini’s latest guest on POPradio. The three discussed pH’s Tsonga heritage where he also praised Sho Madjozi for being a major part of South Africans paying more attention to their heritage. They also got into life as a producer for pH and what his future goals are in his career.

Towards the end of the interview, they played a game where Scoop and pH had to guess which lyric belonged to which SA rapper. Ms Cosmo read out a lyric from Boity‘s single 018’s Finest featuring Maglera Doe Boy and Ginger Trill that read, “All of you niggas is acting a fool, I treat the game like the temple of truth“.

Both Scoop and pH couldn’t guess the artist correctly and through laughing it off, the producer revealed exclusively how Boity went about recording her verse for the track.

That’s a funny song she picked because I think that’s the one song… I don’t know if I’m allowed to say it, Bash might kill me for this I don’t know. She didn’t actually record, they gave me the acapella they said dawg make a fricken song. Well I heard it but yeah.” He explained.

He said that her team had wanted the verse on the album because it was fire and asked pH to make something with it and he made a plan with it.

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