Did A-Reece Overshine 25K On His New Single, ‘Hustlers Prayer’?

Did A-Reece Overshine 25K On His New Single, ‘Hustlers Prayer’? It’s new music Friday and a few rappers dropped but it seems Hip Hop fans are excited about 25K’s drop the most. The rapper dropped a single called Hustlers Prayer featuring A-Reece and it has had people talking since its drop.

The single produced by Zooci Coke Dope and also co-written by him is already climbing up the charts and we predict it’ll be a contender for SA Hip Hop collaborations of the year. For now fans are sharing how impressive A-Reece’s verse on the song is. wHILST 25K is also getting his props, it’s A-Reece who has been trending for his verse, is it safe to say he took the spotlight from 25K on this song?Check out what Hip Hop Fans have been saying on social media below.

Listen to Hustlers Prayer HERE :

Check Out A-Reece’s verse on 25K’s Hustlers Prayer below.

Got a call that my pops on the hospital bed
Drownin’ in all of those tears that I shed
Told him I’ll pay for whatever
He told me “Forget it, just pay me a visit instead”
This fuckin’ pandemic ain’t lettin’ up
He died and I ain’t get to look at his face
Tell him I love him before the Lord took him away, nothin’ was ever the same
I told my mama I’m runnin’ my race
These other niggas is runnin’ in place
24/7 I’m posted with shooters and robbers, don’t make ’em get back to their ways
24/7 I’m posted with real niggas only, you see me with 25K
Free all the niggas locked up in the cage
For all of my niggas I’m ready to go to the grave, yeah

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