Nota Reveals The Two Kwesta Hit Singles He Wrote Hooks For

Nota Reveals The Two Kwesta Hit Singles He Wrote Hooks For. Nota is a man who speaks his mind, especially when it comes to his knowledge of the hip hop industry and his contribution to it. The producer earlier this year, took to social media to spill the been on what happened to his relationship with the award-winning rapper Kwesta and by doing so he lifted the lid on what went down at RapLyf.

Speaking on the New Kid in the vlog, Nota opened up his decision to go public about his contributions to various careers in hip hop, such as Kwesta’s and clear up a few misconceptions surrounding his name. When it came to the contributions Nota made in Kwesta’s career, he did not hold back, he alleged that he built Kwesta’s Twitter page and even contributed to writing the hook of popular song, Ngiyazifela Ngawe by Kwesta and Thabsie.

Nota also went on to claim that he wrote the hook for ‘Ngiyazifela Ngawe‘ which was previously known to have been written by rapper Yanga Chief.  The uTatakho hitmaker previously worked with Nota at Ventilation and has been involved in the creation of hit songs such as Jika by Aka and Make The Circle bigger by JR. It is unclear as to whether Nota and Yanga Chief worked together on the hook but because of the nature of their relationship, it is possible. Nota also mentioned that he wrote the hook for the song Boom Shakalaka by Kwesta and Kid X.

“….Boom shakalaka which is a hook I wrote you know completely level or you compare it to a hook-like Ngiyazifela Ngawe which is another hook I wrote…” says Nota.

Nota’s popular Twitter account was suspended but in April he reopened a new Twitter account April just before Kwesta dropped his album. Nota explains that he returned to the platform so that he would be able to defend himself in the event, the fallout from RapLyf would be “weaponized” against him.

“The whole entire fallout of Raplyf was highly publicized and Raplyf is more of a crew than it is a company because obviously, the company was not really a thing. It did turn money but in terms of what was being presented to the public, it was not what it was. So, I knew that okay fine the fallout from this is going to become something that could be weaponized against me at some point in time yeah so. I opened up another Twitter account in the beginning of April I knew that um there was a new Kwesta album that was coming and I was like in the unlikely chance that he might want to use his Twitter platform which I built for him to slander me in any way I need to be able to be on the same platform and respond and what happened as I’d predicted you know what I mean um that’s what he tried to do and basically I responded.”

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