Do Numbers Mean Good Music? Flvme Shares His Views

Do Numbers Mean Good Music? Flvme Shares His Views. Rapper and SA Hip Hop producer Flvme has weighed on the conversation of whether numbers mean good music or not. Numbers have become an important element when it comes to an artists career. The numbers assist with positioning an artist when in terms of streams and following, as well. In today’s modern world numbers seem to mean a lot. In Flvme’s opinion numbers don’t mean everything as sometimes an artist doesn’t have big numbers but creates good music.

The popular producer shared on Twitter his unpopular opinion that having numbers doesn’t mean you make good music. “Jus coz you do numbers don’t mean you make fire music,” tweeted the rapper. Flvme’s sentiments were met with mixed reactions as not everybody fully agreed with his opinion. Flvme, however, was prepared to defend his statement, when one tweep claimed that numbers follow fire music. In his response remarked about how there’s a great artist waiting to be discovered yet just doest have the numbers. “There’s great artist waiting to be discovered and could possibly be the biggest artists of the next generation. They don’t have numbers,” wrote Flvme.

Flvme Responds To Accusations That He Stole A Beat For His 'Impatient' Track

One tweep, went on to speak on how Cassper continues to rack up numbers and they will still be listening to the rapper’s third album, Thuto and most recent project, Any Minute Now in the next 10 years. Flvme though reminded the Twitter user that he was making a general statement and not directing his statement at anyone. Fans often read into social media posts as things that are directed towards other artists, however not every post is a twar moment. “Then cool. I don’t know why you mentioned Cass though. I was making a general statement,” tweeted the producer.

While having great numbers does not instantly mean you make great music it is a selling point. This is something Nasty C’s official DJ, Audiomarc recently pointed out. American rapper Meek Mill recently shared that he would be open to working with a South Ah rapper and asked his fans for suggestions as to who he could possibly work with on his upcoming album, Expensive Pain. Selecting a rapper to work with is no easy task especially considering how many talented rappers there are in SA. Audiomarc shared however how he thinks Meek Mill should base his selection, which is basing the selection on numbers. “It has to make business sense for Meek, so numbers matters,” tweeted the DJ.

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