“I Can Not Imagine A Worse Collaboration,” POPcast’s Muchi On AKA And Costa Titch

“I Can Not Imagine A Worse Collaboration,” POPcast’s Muchi On AKA And Costa Titch. Rappers AKA and Costa Titch recently dropped their collaboration Super Soft and the two are allegedly working on a joint project, which is said to be an EP. Whilst some fans are loving the rappers offering not everyone is feeling the song. On the latest episode of POPcast, Ms Cosmo and Scoop and guest panellist Muchie reviewed the latest track from AKA and Costa Titch.

The panellists were clearly not feeling the song and expressed while the beat is great, they are not feeling the “experimental sound” from AKA and Costa which they are hearing from the song. Whilst the hosts broke down their thoughts on the song, Muchie revealed that AKA and Costa Titch are reportedly working on a joint project. This could highly be possible as the hip hop artists are set to release their second collaboration.

“What I’m hearing is that is there is an EP on the way from AKA and Costa Titch and to me, I just can’t imagine anything worse to listen to right now. Listen I cannot imagine a worse collaboration in my mind. Like an EP, five tracks like what we are hearing right now. Six maybe eight tracks, oh my goodness. It’s a bad decision. I implore these guys if they are listening right now stop it immediately and rethink the entire model because if it sounds like what you’re doing if it’s just bhovamania plus Costa Titch” shared Muchie. The outspoken guest panellist went on to explain that it took him a while to hear Costa Titch on the ‘Super Soft’ track. Ms Cosmo shared the same sentiments about not being able to identify Costa Titch on the collaboration and noted that a video posted on the rapper’s social media helped her identify Costa’s verses.

Muchie went on to share why he thinks AKA is working with Costa Titch and also credited the young rapper for being able to make it in the music industry by using the power of the internet. Muchie also emphasised that AKA is the one that needs Costa Titch. “Let me tell you what AKA is doing here. Costa Titch has been good in using the internet. He was on his own, so he will tell you that entire struggle, if you follow him you know that he used the internet as far as he could to make sure he was popping, he built a following and he is very good with Tik Tok and Instagram and making sure he can drop his tech and he knows how to market it himself. He’ll get it trending, get the kids joining in without having to force them because he’s being himself, naturally flows into that market with the kids, he plays it very well.”

Muchie added that “AKA in trying to regain his popularity, he’s gone to fetch that kid who’s doing the things right on his side. He’s the one that needs Costa Titch not the other way around because Costa Titch does not need AKA. Outside of what Costa Titch may think in his mind that he needs an AKA co-sign. He doesn’t need it. His risen this high and has been able to make this amount of hits by himself without anybody else help. He didn’t even go to Cassper where he came from.”

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