YoungstaCPT Speaks On Late Rapper Mr Devious’s Name Being Almost Erased From SA Hip Hop History

YoungstaCPT Speaks On Late Rapper Mr Devious’s Name Being Almost Erased From SA Hip Hop History. Rapper YoungstaCPT took to Twitter to pay tribute to late rapper Mr Devious and spoke about what he found to be a tragedy in SA Hip Hop. Mr Devious is a rapper who hailed from Mitchells Plain in Cape Town and was popular in the Cape Town community. He was popular during the year 1997. He tragically died on January 23, 2004. YoungstaCPT in his heartfelt spoke on the man he described as one of “coldest Mcee’s” from the country being forgotten.

YoungstaCPT in his post called it a tragedy that Mr Devious’s memory was almost being erased, as it seems people no longer remember the late remember. Artists are often still celebrated even after their deaths by fans, however some on a larger scale than others. Youngsta also gave the reasons why this may be happening. The rapper explained that maybe Mr Devious was probably stereotyped for various reasons. “The fact that this mans name is almost erased from SA Hip Hop is a tragedy…Maybe he was too coloured, too ghetto or not black enough back then,” wrote Youngsta.

YoungstaCPT is one person who is proud of his heritage and is known to celebrate Hip Hop in the coloured community. The Main Ou’s hitmaker went to praise the Beacon Valley rapper for his cadence. “This was 1 of the coldest Mcee’s outta SA!” wrote Youngsta. Mr Devious’s one dope MC, he was even featured on controversial Hype Magazine’s Top 50 MC’s List. Mr Devious was number 29. Youngsta’s post had fans going down memory lane and in their responses shared what came to mind when they heard Mr Devious’s name. “Damn bra bringing some memories… I copied a verse from “for the people” as a poem in high school,” said one tweep.

One tweep went even to recall the late rapper’s music playing on SABC 1 show Yizo Yizo was popular back in the day.” I used to watch YIZO YIZO and Mr Devious songs would be playing as a backtrack the Capeflats Tupac RIP MR Devious gone but never forgotten,” said the fan. One tweep asked Youngsta what was he doing to preserve Mr Devious’s memory, Youngsta responded to the fan and let them know he hasn’t just been sitting around and tweeting. “I suppose the shout-outs since 2011 and charity/memorial events I did didn’t make it to the JHB headlines but hopefully his posthumous album sees the light of day once his family retain ownership of his recordings,” responded the rapper.

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