Kanye Addresses Those ‘Drake Sleeping With Kim’ Rumour, Drake Versus Battle And Why He Leaked His Address

Kanye Addresses ThoseDrake Sleeping With Kim’ Rumour, Drake Versuz Battle And Why He Leaked His Address it During a conversation on Revolt TV Podcast Drink Champ Kanye West, the billionaire rapper and fashion designer, spoke out about his feud with Drake, accusing the Canadian rapper of implying that he ‘fu**ed’ his wife and then lying to him about.

The 44-year-old covered a lot of stuff in a two-hour talk, including that he didn’t want to divorce Kim Kardashian since she was still his ‘wife.’ The two hip hop acts might have some differences, but Kanye west also indicated that drake is a good artist that has brought great content to the hip hop game.

 ‘A very important artist who added something to the algorithm.”The style of rap that he was doing was more sophisticated than the style of rap that I grew up on,’ Kanye said approvingly, adding that Drake’s song had ‘good melodies’ and ‘good music.’

Going back to their fued, Kanye mentioned that Drake said to him, “i never f*cked Kim” But you acted like you did,’ Kanye continued. ‘You’ve got bars, it’s like, “Hidden Hills, give your wife the chills.”

Hidden Hills is a posh Los Angeles neighborhood where Kanye and Kim had a home with their children before she acquired it from him last month as part of the continuing divorce procedures.

Drake’s rapping of that line was nasty he mentioned, Kanye asked Drake if he had DMed Kim, the hip hop rapper went on and denied it. Kanye was then questioned about going head to head in a Versuz duel with Drake, to which he gladly responded

“But it already happened,’ he added. ‘He played one of my leaked songs and it was better than every other song this year,” he mentioned of a track that featured Outkast’s Andre 3000.

Another hot topic that was dicussed during the interview was about him leaking Drake’s home address. Kanye adenied revealing Drake’s address after sharing a map picture with an address that is thought to be the site of Drake’s Toronto property on social media.

‘No, he advertised it when he was building the house,’ he claimed. ‘Everyone knows it. It’s like a place in Canada you go by. It’s like a monument.”You can find it. That’s how I was able to find it,’ he added. ‘It’s Googleable. It’s on Google Maps.’

When he mentioned his feuds in his songs, he said that those close to him thought he was experiencing a “episode.” Therefore, after feeling Drake had threatened him on a track, he justified his behavior. ‘A man threatening my life on a song and they wonder why you end up in the hospital, he mentioned, that Drake was “driving me crazy” with his jabs in songs. 

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