Rashid Kay Compares Reason and Cassper’s Transitions to Amapiano

Amapiano has recently become THE genre, with a number of Mzansi’s best rappers jumping on board. Reason, a heavyweight in SA Hip hop, is the latest rapper to rhyme over an Amapiano rhythm he has enabled a few folks to air their opinions in regards to his transition. On the Masterclass Podcast, Rashid Kay Compares Reason and Cassper’s Transitions to Amapiano .

Reason collaborated with DJ Maphorisa on a song that propelled this debate under the name, Sizwe Alakine. Whilst his fans were eager for the release of Khanda Shisa when he teased it on social media, critics questioned why so many rappers were jumping on the amapiano bandwagon. Cassper was one of the people who expressed an opinion on Reason’s Amapiano song at the time.

Rashid Kay Compares Reason and Cassper’s Transitions to Amapiano

Reason responded by giving a shoutout to late hip-hop icons HHP and Pro Kid, praising their ability to seamlessly blend hip-hop with “kasi culture. “You guys taught us to take this rap s**t, and blend it with our own sounds for our people to love and enjoy us so much that they would embrace us when we take it to the world. You guys effortlessly brought American hip-hop culture and kasi culture together. We loved you for it. Respected you for it. We even gave you awards and screamed your songs at the top of our lungs for it. Yet, today we argue,”  Reason once tweeted.

Speaking on the Masterclass podcast, Rashid Kay lamented on how Reason is not making the most of his brand to convince his Hip Hop fans to move to Amapiano.

“Reason is not capitalizing his brand as Reason, to move his Reason fans to Amapiano, he is starting afresh as a new artist, that’s why you saw Reason being co-signed by Killer Kau because its not Reason; its a new artist. Even though Reason is older than Killer Kau, he’s being co-signed by a n**ga who is younger than him because he is new to this sh**t. He is not new in the music industry, but he is new to the Yanos,” Rashid said.

However, the conversation started heating up when Casper Nyovest was brought into the subject on how he made his transition to the Amapiano genre. Rashid made it clear that Casper’s move to join Amapiano does not makes it OK, but he(Casper) has done it for the culture compared to Reason.

“It doesn’t makes it OK but it doesn’t affect the culture. Now when you have Casper Nyovest on the Yanos, now you are using your brand to bring Hip hop and Mostwako fans to the whatever sh** you are doing now, so you are capitalzing on your brand. So people are not following the music, but they are following Casper as a brand,” he added.

Even though all these comparisons have been making waves on different platforms, Reason still believes that he is good at what he does and he doesn’t want to be crucified for anything other than the quality of his bars and music.

On the other hand, Cassper finds it hilarious to see other hip hop artists change lanes and join the Amapiano trend. When he first released “Monate Mpolaye” with DJ Sumbody in 2018, several members of the SA hip hop community chastised him for embracing the then-foreign Amapiano genre; however, many have since changed their minds.

Amapiano has grown to be one of the country’s most popular, if not the most popular, genres, with a diverse spectrum of musicians, producers, and vocalists playing it on the radio, as well as dominating the groove.

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