Cassper Responds To People Telling Him How To Run His Businesses

Cassper Responds To People Telling Him How To Run His Businesses. Cassper Nyovest has emerged to be one of the few SA rappers who have done well both in producing music and striking good business deals. One doesn’t have to question Cassper’s business intelligency after he managed to launch two of his own brands in a space of year.

Cassper Responds To People Telling Him How To Run His Businesses

The rapper has always been on the loggerheads with people who questions his attributes along with the riches that he is now enjoying. Cassper shared on his Twitter TL indicating that he is not ready to listen to anything what people say regarding how he handles his businesses and riches.

The rapper went deep and mentioned that those who are trying to be relevant discussing about his business are the ones who have failed in their own fields of expert.

I also don’t understand the obsession of telling people what to do with their businesses when they built it with thier time, blood and sweat when we were busy dancing to Adiwele. The worst ones are failed entrepreneurs who have nothing going but they wanna give people advice. He tweeted.

There is no doubt that Nyovest has had one of the most meteoric climbs in South African hip-hop history. It might be very difficult now for Cassper Nyovest for tell which one has been the best year for him ever since he ventured into the rap game.

In 2019 the rapper came out and said that he made a lot of money. Cass told his over 3 million Twitter followers that he even had higher revenue income. “This year was actually the most successful year in my career as far as revenue goes. Plus I’m about to #FillUpRoyalBafokeng”. He tweeted. Now with the launch of Billiato and his sneaker range, Cass keeps silencing the critics!

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