NOTA Details Why Back To The City Killed SA Hip Hop

NOTA Details Why Back To The City Killed SA Hip Hop. In the wake of saving SA hip hop, rappers in South Ah are going all out, exploring all the avenues they believe will save the game. The dominance of Amapiano sounds has been a rude awakening to most rappers. NOTA has always had a reputation for speaking his mind on things that have to do with SA hip hop and everyone involved in the game. This time around, the music mogul came out and responded to why the Back To The City Festival killed SA hip hop.

Nota Responds To AKA's Letter From Mabuza Attorneys
NOTA Details Why Back To The City Killed SA Hip Hop

Responding to Makwa who was calling out for SA hip hop to have more festivals this year, NOTA highlighted that the hip hop festival did not show enough respect to the township talent. He mentioned that BTTC was only after artists who had the American rapping style, and it failed to embrace the local sound, which led to its collapse. “SA hip hop needs more of Back to the City typer events,” said Makwa.

BTTC killed SA Hip-hop <UF… They didn’t respect Kasi talent & only wanted American wannabe’s. You yourself were a trap beatmaker until we groomed you & got you to make your sound local. Even when you were against trying Amapiano I told you to get rappers on it. That was in 2019!” NOTA said.

Prior to NOTA’s remarks in regards to the Back To The City hip hop festival, Emtee also shared the same sentiment. The Hustler revealed that kids in the townships are no longer inspired by SA hip hop because of the people and record labels who have claimed that there is no future in the rap game.

Nah. They made SA hip hop a joke so kids aren’t inspired anymore. They scared to rap cos of labels, society and culture vultures who claim there’s no future in hip hop,” said Emtee.

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