Rashid Kay Explains Why Rappers Might No longer Drop Albums In The Future

Rashid Kay Explains Why Rappers Might No longer Drop Albums In The Future. A short peek at the charts reveals that hip-hop has infiltrated practically every facet of contemporary music. With the rate at which hip hop music is finding its way into mainstream media choosing the top hip-hop albums of all time is now difficult since there are so many subgenres that adapt to local sensibilities.

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Rashid Kay Explains Why Rappers Might No longer Drop Albums In The Future

During the Masterclass Podcast, Rashid Kay and OG Samke dwelled on an interesting topic about the future of dropping albums in the music industry and mostly SA hip hop. OG Samke asked a very important question related to the rate at which music is being consumed and how it is now difficult to have classic albums in SA hip hop. “At the moment because we are consuming music spit and chew we are going to find it very tough for us to find a classic today with this so much music?”

Rashid revealed the reason why it is going to be hard to consume all the music that is being dropped and why rappers might consider not dropping albums in the near future. “There is too much music and little time to consume all of it,” he said. The hip hop activist further expanded that the new school of music is now different from the old days when music was given time to mature and people had time to create memories with.

“In the era of CDs we would’ve one drop in three months and that’s enough time to listen to it before something else drops.” “In three months you can create a lot of memories you can create memories it can build up to be a classic, now every Friday, there is new album, there is new singles, every week you know , guaranteed for sure Friday is drop day,” said Rashid Kay.

OG Samke carried the conversation to another stage and asked Rashid if it is now necessary to drop an album in this music era. “What I want to find out from you is it necessary to drop an album nowadays, when we are consuming music like this?”

“The listening span, the life span of the song doesn’t allow an artist to have an album because you are going to drop an album with 10 songs or 15 songs trust me, 3 weeks later we’ve forgotten about the album and we on to something else,” he responded.

Rashid explained his point highlighting that artists should consider dropping singles instead of albums because albums will get less attention that single releases. “If I’m giving you a body of work you are not going to pay attention to 15 songs trust me,” he said.

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