Nota Pulls A Kanye Following Estranged Wife’s Separation Revelation

Nota Pulls A Kanye Following Estranged Wife’s Separation Revelation. NOTA has been making the Twitter timeline ablaze following shocking revelations that were made by his wife Berita. Berita took to Twitter and defended herself against all the negativity that her ex-husband was saying about other women including the rants toward Mihlali.

Nota Pulls A Kanye Following Estranged Wife’s Separation Revelation

Berita admitted that she is no longer wed to contentious Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi after being implicated in his most recent remark, which raised doubts about the singer and their union. Following confirmation that Berita and NOTA split, the controversial Baloyi took to Twitter and expressed that he still loves his wife and they will pray for her peace, a clear indication that he is not letting her go that easily.

For the record I love my wife… We’ll pray through this. All couples have challenges but communication key. I have not been able to communicate with her. Until I do I will continue to pray for her peace & wellbeing.” NOTA tweeted.

NOTA further went on and addressed that he will not allow his mental health to be trivialised after Berita claimed that the music executive needs help with his mental health. “As for my mental health, I will never let anyone trivialise it!” NOTA wrote.

Berita has also admitted that she missed the crucial red flags on NOTA following the bullying and abuse she has been getting. She went on and revealed that NOTA needs help with his mental health and she tried her best when she was in his life. “I am a very reasonable person. I will be the first to admit. I missed very big red flags,” tweeted Berita.

“The day I decided to leave my marriage. Is the day I had to choose between being married and being alive. 

“My one request is that Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi needs help with his mental health. I tried my best whilst I was in his life. I tried to also plead with his family about this. He is a really good man, sometimes he means well. He needs help.” Berita wrote.

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