New Release: Okmalumkoolkat – Free 100kMaCassette Video

You can look around the world but you will probably never find another rapper like Okmalumkoolkat. The BOYZNBUKZ rapper is the ultimate definition of trend setter. The rapper has set several trends and he has not even reached his prime yet. Okmalumkoolkat was the one who is responsible for the Taxi dance blowing up the way it did.

okmalumkoolkat cover

Okmalum has just dropped his Free 100kMaCassette video and again he wasn’t reall;y trying to make it into what’s in the mainstream today. Free 100kMaCassette is the type of song you can not compare to the rest of the music in the mainstream because it simply is in it’s own lane. Check out the brand new video and tell us what you think of it:

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