Emtee Explains Why He Doesn’t Like To Do Features

Emtee recently explained why he dosen’t like to do features via his social media. The crazy thing about entertainment is people think you started working on your dream the day they started seeing you on screen or the first project/ song you put out commercially is your first one when that is never the case.

Emtee the hustla

By the time an artist blows up, they would have gone through all of society’s torture to creatives about finding real jobs and all. Every time people talk about Emtee they also talk about how the rapper is too arrogant for his own good but never stop to think about why he is like that.

The rapper has been whipping in work for 12 years now and with his Metro Fm Awards there is no doubt that it all paid off but the rapper is still trying to grow himself. “I hardly feature people on my songs. I’m tryna grow” said Emtee.

I hardly feature people:

Emtee features

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