Be Careful What You Wish For Album Review

Be Careful What You Wish For Album Review! The album was titled ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ because the artists released a smash hit single titled ‘The Saga’ and fans went on social media to request the rappers to work on an album together.

The artists later had a fall out but the requests from the fans kept coming in until they buried the hatchet and started working on the collaborative album.

Bryanston  Drive

The album starts with Bryanston Drive which is mainly an AKA record with Anatii adlibs and he also sings the bridge at the end of the song. This is a very personal record where AKA talks about his life before fame and his life after the birth of his daughter. Anatii pays tribute to Boom Shaka at the end of the song.

10 Fingers

10 Fingers is the second record on the album and also the second single from the project. This record might be the song that helped shaped the direction the album took. The authenticity in the sounds used on this joint just make it stand out from any other song that’s out right now!

Psalm 1000

This outro really shows you that the whole album is a spiritual experience. The sounds on it can put you into a trance!

How You Like Me Now?

This is a record with a similar bvibe as 10 Fingers but the homies navigate the joint well. They basically talk about how they have grown to get that respect they have always wanted from their families and now they have all they have ever wished for.

Camps bay

Camps bay is a love song that is predominantly Anatii and he talks about how he can’t function when he fights with his woman. The joint has a Afro-Caribbean vibe to it and I see it being a big dance record.

Holy Mountain

This record is hella mellow and has already been doing the rounds as it was released as a single before the album came out. The joint is definitely a club smash that everyone can sing along to.

Don’t Forget To Pray

Don’t Forget To ray was dropped as the third single from the album and we have been waiting for the visuals since. The record is wavey from start to finish but the highlight of the joint has to be Anatii’s verse which is the first time we heard him rap in Xhosa.


This is one of my favorite joints on the album because the boys weren’t playing with the raps on this record. The thing that really stands out on this record is AKA’s verse!

Jesus plug

Jesus Plug is a very spiritual record where the artists where thanking Jesus Christ for the gift of music and they see how the music has changed their lives. The whole album is spiritual but Jesus Plug is the ultimate spiritual record on the project.

The Saga

This was the first single to ever be dropped and it is the reason we have this album today because after it’s release the fans wished for a collaborative album and here we are. Be Careful What You Wish For!

The album is a great listen! i give it a 4/5 stars!

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