How Burna Boy Reacted To Losing At The Grammy Awards

Burna talks about how he feels when people question his "arrogance"

How Burna Boy Reacted To Losing At The Grammy Awards. After months Burna Boy has lost on a Grammy he was looking forward to win, he finally expresses the exact feeling he went when he lost.

Burna was nominated in the 62nd Grammy Awards which took place back in December. He waa shortlisted for his album ‘African Giant’ in the Best World Music Album category. Unfortunately he lost to Angelique Kidjo, who praised him profusely. In return Burna took to Twitter to congratulate and appreciate Angelique.

Only now has he expressed that he actually felt “sick” for losing.

“I felt sick. Totally sick. But my musical mother, Angelique Kidjo, told me everything I needed to understand about the Grammys. I have learnt and now, I’m ‘Twice as Tall’. That’s the name of my next album by the way,” he said.

In addition he expressed how he feels about people who judge him for being too proud.

“There are many who hide behind their keyboards to say that I am proud on social media. Interestingly, none of them has ever said it to my face. I wish they would though. I really wish they have the guts to confront me,” he added.

Aphelele Peyana

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