J Molley Confirms Collaboration With Various International Artists

J Molley Confirms Collaboration With Various International Artists. Corona Virus may have led to many plans collapsing especially of artists but it hasn’t blocked them from working.

The best thing about the digital world is that the benefits to advance one’s life are endless. Opportunities rise at all times, and since we on Lockdown the technology is doing wonders to keep us all going. An artist who would vouch to the aforementioned is J Molley whose art has landed him deals from international artists.

The 22 year-old rapper had his manager Nave confirmed that they will work with international artists but won’t drop any time soon. He reasoned that they want all the songs to been entirely done inclusive of videos to let them loose. One artist they mentioned is Ronny J the American producer,the rest they stated is best to keep under wraps until.

“It’s crazy how Ronny J hit up @JMolleyOfficial before we had any big feature on any of his tracks. Yes we do have International features, but no we won’t release them until we can fly to Nigeria, US & England & shoot videos & go the whole way with the songs. Would be a waste,” wrote Molley’s manager Nav.

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