Scoop says AKA, Kwesta & Cassper Need To Take A Break From Making Music

PH Raw & Scoop Makhathini Share How Essential It Can Be For Artists Take Breaks In Music. Seeing how most artists are on the race to chase relevancy, their music ends up not being at its best. These words were implied by Scoop Makhathini and later on echoed by PH Raw.

Nowadays what is considered most as quality in music is how constantly one drops hits after hits. But this culture doesn’t work to everyone’s benefit. When an artists drops music under pressure both from fans and to catch up with competition.

On a recently released PopCast Scoop expressed how mini breaks can be important for artists. To agree with him was PH Raw who shared that a break may be needed by certain artists.

“Just watched this weeks @POPCast4Real , Scoop mentioned something about artist taking a music break… I support this idea. Which Artist you think would benefit from a break, and which would you like to see more of in that space?” Questioned Raw.

On the other news PH was thanked graciously by Reason on saving his life again when he announced his upcoming Boity featured single.

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on sahiphopmag@nine80.com

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