New Album ‘Isambulo’ Out Of Sjava & Ruff’s Record Label Reach A Total Of One Million Streams

Sjava's idea to pave way for young artists pays off...

New Album ‘Isambulo’ Out Of Sjava & Ruff’s Record Label Reach A Total Of One Million Streams. On the 28th of August Sjava alongside producer Ruff decided to finally let loose the first project  titled Isambulo off their record label 1020Cartel.

What makes the album special is how it comprised of young different talented artists Sjava managed to get together. With 10 tracks and available on various music platforms, the album has accumulated a total of 1 million views.

Speaking on the opening of the label, here’s what Sjava and Ruff shared.

“Ruff and I are really excited about launching this label because at the core, we’re activating a movement which promotes excellence in the arts, collaboration and creating value for everyone involved. I have so much faith in the four artists we are working with. They are so talented and have so much to offer the South African music landscape,” said Sjava

Ruff expressed his excitement at working with an “artistically diverse” catalogue of artists in creating iSambulo. “It has been an inspiring experience putting together the unique talents of each artist on this one project.


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