Focalistic Explains How ‘Ke Star’ Leaked Before The Official Release

Focalistic Explains How ‘Ke Star’ Leaked Before The Official Release. Focalistic is a multi talented artist whose skills have taken him to another level in the music game, both locally and globally. The award winning rapper’s music has travelled the world and he has plans to keep it going with more to give!

Focalistic Shares How He Feels About Having Davido On Ke Star Remix!

The Onoroko hitmaker recently appeared on an interview with Kaya FM’s Kgomotso Meso to speak about a few topics relating to his music. The two spoke about his upcoming album, and his views on international deals. The rapper also spoke about his global hit Ke Star and how the song actually leaked before the official release. He also mentioned that it was never in the plans to release the song.

So crazy story, like ‘Ke Star’, the file disappeared. So after we recorded the song, I was the only one with the USB, with the mp3 and wav. So obviously at that time, we’re thinking this is a nice song but we might not drop it because if you know DSPs like Apple Music, Spotify you need to have certain requirements.”

Then the song leaked, so when it leaked that’s when I realized mo o tshwere mollo mo. I sent it to a couple of people, I don’t wanna out them. I sent it to a couple of people and then I just found it on YouTube and it was like on half a million views in like two weeks, so I was like ey! maybe they actually like this song and then when I dropped it, it went crazy“.

Focalistic’s Ke Star has achieved a multitutde of success. The rapper even scored himself a remix with Nigerian superstar Davido and released the music video for the remix. The song with Davido became the first South African song ever to reach the Billboard Global chart via Triller.

Check out Focalistic’s interview with Kgomotso Meso:

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