Focalistic Explains What Made Him Retire From Making Solely Hip Hop Music

Focalistic Explains What Made Him Retire From Making Solely Hip Hop Music. Focalistic has made waves across the globe with his authentic South African sound. The Ke Star hitmaker grabbed everyone’s attention with the making of the song, and even landed himself a spot on the Billboard Triller Charts for the remix of the track featuring Davido.

Focalistic Shares How He Feels About Having Davido On Ke Star Remix!

Focalistic recently appeared on the TshisaLive Podcast to speak about how his phrase ‘Ase trap tse ke pina tsa ko kasi’ landed him superstar status leading to a billboard in New York’s famous Times Square. He mentioned that he took the decision to create music that represented him and music that he is comfortable with three years ago.

The multitalented artist also explained why he has retired from making solely hip hop music. He said that after being named the Hottest MC in South Africa in 2020 he retired from making hip hop because it comes with it’s own politics.

It’s always about what are you actually saying, so spetlele se mean’ang? And even after o explain’a gore spetlele how does it relate, it’s easily made into a joke when it’s something that means so much to someone who’s in the hood. I guess it’s also because of mainstream media. You being on YouTube there’s not many kids from the hood who are on YouTube to fight in the comment’s section.”

So I’ve retired from hip hop because of that, I want to make people dance and inspire people without the rules that are there. I just wanna be the voice of the youth, and the voice of the hood and that’s who I am.” Focalistic explained.

Focalistic has had an incredible couple of months with the release of his debut album in 2020 Sghubu Ses Excellent that featured Mr JazziQ, 25K, Riky Rick, Semi Tee and many more. The release of Focalistic’s Ke Star remix was prominent in his success in 2021 collaborating with Nigerian superstar Davido.

Focalistic is well on his way to becoming a global sensation!

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