A-Reece Claps Back At Event Promoter After being Pulled Off The Event’s Line Up

A-Reece Claps Back At Event Promoter After being Pulled Off The Event’s Line Up. Heavyweight rapper A-Reece is certainly one rapper than fans would do anything for to see on stage. The rapper always brings an electric energy to his performances but is now speaking out about a situation that ended in him not being able to perform.

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The Hibachi rapper was recently booked for a gig at a Johannesburg club ‘Mint’ for a performance on the 23rd of April 2021. The rapper was set to perform alongside Emtee but was pulled off the event’s lineup. The event promoter for the gig ‘Chama is Shama’ put on his Instagram story that A-Reece had to be removed from the line up because of poor organization from the rapper’s management.

He wrote, “Had to remove A-Reece because of poor organisation from his team. Nonetheless we rock with the god of TRAP! See you tomorrow for another sold out show“. A-Reece was quick to clap back at the promoter saying that that he was removed because the club’s management team could not meet all his requirements for the performance.

no. I’m removed because their team couldn’t meet the requirements. all that extra stuff is bs“, A-Reece wrote.

A-Reece continued to say that it is hypocritical to say that he was pulled off the event because of poor organization from his team when the flyer of his name was put out before anything was confirmed.

‘I’m confused… It’s so hypocritical to say: “poor organisation from his team” when the event flyer with a picture of me and my name on it was put out before anything was even confirmed.

The rapper recently dropped an amazing project, Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory: The Mixtape that debuted at number one on the Apple Music Hip Hop/Rap charts. The mixtape includes appearances from Stogie T, Jay Jody, Belo Salo, Ayanda Jiya and Wordz.

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