Gigi Lamayne Explains Why SA Hip Hop Needs To Be Less Judgmental

Gigi Lamayne Explains Why SA Hip Hop Needs To Be Less Judgmental. Gigi Lamayne is an outspoken rapper who always shares her opinion on social media whenever it matters the most. The Fufa rapper also brings her outspokenness to her music and grabs the listeners attention instantly.

Gigi Lamayne Signs With Independent Music Distribution Company Electromode

Gigi took to her twitter page to share that she feels SA Hip Hop needs to be less judgmental. She explained that the ‘real’ hip hop chat is dead because dance culture and music work well together, she used rappers Riky Rick, Costa Titch and Focalistic to substantiate her point.

Her tweet read, “We honestly need to be less judgemental as the SA Hip Hop community. This “real” hip hop chat is tired. Dance culture and music works so well when raps are on them. I mean look what Riky did on that VSOP joint. Malumz, Costa, Foca. It’s such a vibe. Sometimes we jus wanna dance.

Gigi has spoken about some important issues in the SA Hip Hop industry before. She’s mentioned that as an artist she is versatile and she has carried over into other genres before and been as successful in those genres as she is in Hip Hop.

She recently spoke out about her experience as a woman in the industry. She mentioned that since her entrance into the industry she has fought for her place. She highlighted that she was previously told that she is too dark and ugly too make it. She mentioned that in July she would break her silence and speak more on these issues.

Gigi has started 2021 on a good note with the release of her first single Fxck Everybody. She also laid some hot bars on DJ Switch’s single Flood Gates featuring Pillboyy and Taylor T. She also scored a distribution deal with ElectroMode.

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