K.O Asks Fans If They Feel ‘K:HOVA’ Is His Best Record Ever Made

K.O Asks Fans If They Feel ‘K:HOVA’ Is His Best Record Ever Made. Award winning rapper K.O has always given fans quality music and never compromises on that. Time and time again he has proven that he deserves his spot as one of the best rappers in the country.

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A fan of the successful rapper’s took to their twitter page to show some love to his single K:HOVA and mention that he feels that it’s slowly surpassing K.O’s 2014 hit Mission Statement which is his favourite record.

His tweet read, “K.O x K:HOVA I think it’s slowly surpassing mission statement by being my favourite K.O record Bhut’ omdala , ekseni nje , mina ngithi no one does it better than you. PERIODTTT!!!!!

K.O responded writing that people have responded saying that K:HOVA might be the best record he’s ever made and asked fans for their opinion. “Danko! Some are saying this the best record I ever made What do I know? Will leave that up to y’all to decide”.

Fans responded to K.O and had a lot of mixed opinions about whether it’s his best or not. One fan in particular mentioned that it’s the best considering that in these times consistency is difficult to achieve. He also highlights his favourite part of the track.

This is the best especially in times where consistency is difficult 2 keep ws listening to the track yesterday for the first time. You went all out on this one.the part where u mention X, easy, Loki and ROI kills me. The video puts the cherry on top. As dark as it may be” He wrote.

Another responded writing he although he likes K:HOVA he is caught between Mission Statement and Mission Statement 2.

This is how other fans responded

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