“It’s All Admiration,” Cassper Speaks On Reason Now Jumping On To The Amapiano Wave

“It’s All Admiration,” Cassper Speaks On Reason Now Jumping On To The Amapiano Wave. When Cassper Nyovest jumped on the amapiano bandwagon, he got huge flak from the hip-hop industry. Not only were fans snubbing Mufasa’s genre switch, but even people in the hip hop game were also coming for him. However, it seems he might have started a trend as now other rappers are jumping on the amapiano beats.

Rapper Reason is due to release his first amapiano track with DJ Maphorisa, which he predicts will be as big as the track Ngudu. Reason has even announced that going forward he will be known as Sizwe Alakine. News of Reason’s jumping on the Yano’s bandwagon has had the Twitter streets talking. Back in March, Reason tweeted that saw no problem with rappers joining the amapiano wave.

“What’s wrong with hip hop artists making Piano though? It’s our sound. Why glorify the idea of us pushing an American sound when we can jump on our own too? We still love hip hop. But the country loves piano (more),” tweeted the rapper.

Since Cassper was snubbed so much for the move, a Twitter user wanted to find out Cassper’s take. “It’s going to be interesting what the other SA rappers are going to say since Reason jumped on the piano wagon…lol they were subbing Cass!” shared the Tweep. Mufasa was ready with a response and let the tweep know that no one will be saying anything about Reason’s move as it is not about what a person is doing, it is about who is doing it.

“They aren’t gonna say shit. It’s not what you’re doing, it’s who is doing it. The truth is I am the pulse. I am soo connected 2 da culture that I can’t set a foot wrong. They always criticize in the beginning but they ALWAYS FOLLOW. It don’t matter no more doe, it’s adapt or die,[sic]” tweeted Cassper. Since joining the amapiano bandwagon, Cassper has been doing well, his music is either trending on social or topping charts. Cassper’s latest track Siyathandana is currently number two on the official Radiomonitor South Africa Top 20 airplay chart.

Responding to another tweep, who pointed out how Reason used to talk shit about Cassper and the Yanos, the award-winning artist simply pointed out that at the end of the day, it’s all admiration. “Like dawg 🤣… This should show you that it’s all admiration at the end of the day. Haters are actally your biggest fans, they just wish it wasn’t you,” tweeted Cassper.

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