Ms Cosmo Reveals The Problem She Has With A-Reece

Ms Cosmo Reveals The Problem She Has With A-Reece. A-Reece without a doubt is a talented artist, he has proved this countless times with the work that he delivers. The rapper is always focused on the music and often stays away from the drama on the social media streets. At times, his silence is confused with him not being around and that is not often the case. A-Reece may not be active on the streets as a way of avoiding drama but there are opportunities that he could also be missing out on.

On the latest episode of POPcast, the hosts had to name “an insanely underrated rapper and their best album”. Guest host Sliqe named A-Reece, which Ms Cosmo just didn’t agree with. Sliqe explained that “the fans are good, he’s good the music is great right but it’s like what stripes have we given that man.” Ms Cosmo shared her opinion about A-Reece’s silence and revealed her issue with the rapper not be being visible on the streets. The DJ pointed out that A-Reece is talented and has received all the stripes.

Sliqe argued that A-Reece is not named amongst the top artists in the game despite him being talented. “His numbers are good everything is good yeah, so then why when they count, like the big guys, why don’t they put him at one or two or three.” Ms Cosmo gave her take as to what causes this and she boils it down to his lack of visibility on the streets when he is not dropping music.

“The reason why I think he’s not necessarily named is because sometimes out of sight out of mind. A-Reece has this thing of just wanting to disappear and then e comes back and he drops music. The music is dope we’re not denying his talent at all. I think he’s an amazing rapper, my thing is the full package because the full package comes with deals this that PR, marketing in the club, on stage, festivals. The problem with A-Reece is that the music is out but when do we see him. I want to see him doing things,” explained Ms Cosmo.

Muchi went on to add that “my thing is that he’s leaving money on the table. There’s so much money for him to be getting. The talent is there the reach is there, the impact is there. He’s definitely a guy that could be using his star power a lot more for the fan base that he has, he’s a guy who can get brands a lot at attraction online. People support the kid insanely, he should be monetizing that fan base a lot more.”

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