Watch! A-Reece’s New Video Snippet Fuels Priddy Ugly Beef Speculation

Watch! A-Reece’s New Video Snippet Fuels Priddy Ugly Beef Speculation. Rapper A-Reece is cooking up some new height and it seems what he is working on has the streets filled with speculation that it is a response to rapper Priddy Ugly. It was previously speculated among fans that Priddy Ugly had dropped a few lines directed at the rapper on his track Handful of Dust. While in the lyrics of the song, Priddy does not mention A-Reece but fans are convinced he is taking swipes at the rapper.

It is possible that fans are not the only ones who picked up on the shade, as fans are now convinced that A-Reece’s new visuals are his response to Priddy Ugly. A-Reece shared a clip on social media that sees him and Jay Jody standing at a car boot. The two are in conversation with a person who is inside the boot, the camera does not reveal who the person but they can be heard in the background. A-Reece is heard saying “apologize” to the person after the person seemingly refuses to do so, Jay Jody shuts the boot closed.

A-Reece captioned the post, “β€œthE traileR β€œ ( starring + curated by @OriginalJayJody & myself )”. A-Reece recently dropped a collaboration with Jay Jody called, tufF luck and fans have speculated that A-Reece also responded to Priddy Ugly’s jab to him on the track. A-Reece has not revealed when β€œthE traileR β€œ will drop but fans are ready for it so they can confirm their speculations.

A fan commented on A-Reece’s post and shared an old video of Priddy Ugly and Big Star in a similar scene to the one A-Reece posted. In the clip, Priddy Ugly is heard saying, “he’s been speaking shit on Twitter saying that he’s the best rapper in the country”. Big Star then seems to want to get physical with the person inside the boot but is stopped by Priddy Ugly, who ends up slamming the boot with the person inside. “Star, don’t even worry about this guy his nothing,” Priddy tells Big Star.

Fans are super convinced that the two rappers are taking jabs at each other and some fans have even asked Priddy to apologize, whilst some want A-Reece to drop the music first. “damn, they kidnapped priddy ugly,” wrote a tweep. Another tweep said, “@ItsPriddyUgly Don’t apologize yet, we want A-Reece to drop more music”.

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