Is It Dangerous To Be Successful In SA? Cassper Weighs In

Is It Dangerous To Be Successful In SA? Cassper Weighs In. Drip Footwear founder Lekau Sehoana is currently in fear for his life after his business partner Glenda Ndlanzi, MD of the company was gunned down outside her home in Pretoria on Monday. Lekau broke the news of Glenda’s passing on Twitter on Wednesday and admitted that he was shattered over the passing. The businessman also expressed to Sowetan that he was fearing for his life, following the tragic passing. KZN businessman Max Mqadi of popular Max’s Lifestyle restaurant in Umlazi, Durban was also recently shot twice as he was leaving his establishment.

It seems all these instances have gotten Cassper Nyovest thinking as he recently took to social media to reflect on the difficulties that come with being successful in South Africa. Cassper is in business with Lekau and has released a footwear line under the Drip Footwear brand. In a tweet, Cassper said that one of the most dangerous things to do in SA is to become successful. Cassper went on to share that people are working hard to only be targeted by people, after renowned DJ, Black Coffee seemed to agree with Cassper’s sentiments. “Hai grootman its bad. We working hard only to become targeted by our own people,” said the rapper.

Cassper is currently working very hard at becoming even more successful as he strives to reach his goal of becoming a billionaire. However, it also seems that he can’t help but worry about his safety. Mufasa also remarked that he was glad Max was able to make out alive following his horrific shooting. “I’m so Glad Max made it out alive. Such an inspiring man. Such a strong black man. A legend. South Africa is not safe man. It’s becoming more and more dangerous to be successful,” shared Cassper.

Speaking to Ukhozi FM, Max spoke about his shooting and revealed he had more questions than answers following the incident. “I ask myself, what wrong did I do for the person who ordered the hit on me to want to kill me? Couldn’t we sit down and talk about this? I ask myself if this person thought of the elderly people I spend Christmas with, did he think about all the people that I am helping and those that I have helped? Did he think of the role I play in people’s lives?” said Max. “What I know is that I was attacked by my own people. It was not a white or Indian that masterminded and executed the attack, but my own fellow Africans. Why are we doing this to each other?” added Max.

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