KidX On Why He Doesn’t Want Fans Streaming Music He Released Under Cashtime

KidX On Why He Doesn’t Want Fans Streaming Music He Released Under Cashtime. KidX has revealed to his fans that he doesn’t want them streaming music he released when he was signed under his former label, Cashtime Life. K.O’s record label, at one point in SA Hip Hop, was one of the hottest stable consisting of the dopest rappers in the game. However, all the way things went south and artists left the stable, KidX was one of those artists. During his time at the label, he dropped hits such as Pass n Special and Se7en.

The award-winning rapper surprised fans and shared this after a fan of his tweeted about KidX’s song, Cool as You Like. The fan could have never expected his tweet would unravel what KidX what say. KidX shared that despite his love for the project he would rather have fans not stream the project until, he obtains his masters back. “I love this project, however, can all my fans refrain from streaming it till I get my masters back,” tweeted the rapper. Masters have become a very important aspect for artists, especially when it comes to ownership of the masters.

KidX was previously signed to CashtimeLife and the departure of the artists from the label was a controversial moment for the stable. In a previous interview, with Plug Magazine, Kid X explained why he left Cashtime. “I think everything really broke down at the point where I’d work on an entire project and present it to the label and they didn’t see or hear what I was hearing. That made me realize that we don’t have the same end goal in mind, we’re not hearing things alike. Maybe who they think I am is not who I really am,” said the rapper. K.O has not responded publicly to what Kid X has said about wanting his masters back.

Masters are a hot topic and several rappers have previously voiced their opinions on the matter. One person is Cassper Nyovest. The award-winning rapper previously explained in an interview with TshisaLIVE the importance of the intellectual property. “I have owned my own masters since my first album. It is important because it is like intellectual property. We spend so much time making music and creating these products. Artists didn’t know and big record companies would own their masters. Michael Jackson and them had to buy their masters back. Only now in SA people are starting to wake up to that conversation. Fortunately, we did our research before and I own all my own music, unlike some people.”

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