Da L.E.S Reveals Who Helped Him Make The Name ‘North god’ Global

Da L.E.S Reveals Who Helped Him Make The Name ‘North god’ Global. For quite a long time Da L.E.S has been in the Mzansi Hip hop game cooking some real stuff that have been topping the charts. Fresh 2 Def is the rapper’s solo album that catapulted him to popularity and had a big influence on his music career. As it stand L.E.S may not be fresh in people’s minds in the current SA Best MC list that has seized social media. But it is undeniable that his career has spanned more than just a few moments of fame.

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Da L.E.S Reveals Who Helped Him Make The Name ‘North god’ Global

The rapper’s annual all white pool party has played a significant role in terms of creating relations with other hip hop artists in the game. During an interview on BET Behind the Story with Nomalanga Shozi Da L.E.S was given time to explain what led to the popularity of his nickname “The North god.” The rapper gave credit to Burna Boy after calling him with that name on the ‘All Eyes On Me’ music video.

The all white pool party definitely played a very big role you know, legendary pool party that’s at the 313 and like the person who really like cemented it on camera and just put the name out to the world was Burna Boy, shout out to Burna Boy, on All Eyes On Me video, remember he was like Yoh North god,” he said.

L.E.S’ hip hop journey started with a child who made no apology for coming from a wealthy household. In his songs, he embraced his background as a youngster from Johannesburg’s wealthy Northside. He opted to rap about his personal life over songs that he enjoyed. This revelations is clear considering most of his high quality hip hop music videos, and that has set him amongst the best grabbing a global household name in the hip hop culture.

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