Big Xhosa Shares Why His Attitude Is Costing Him Support In SA Hip Hop

Big Xhosa Shares Why His Attitude Is Costing Him Support In SA Hip Hop. Big Xhosa’s hip hop career has been marred by mixed reactions from both the fans and other rappers in the game. His diss track garnered a lot of talking points after the rapper called out most giants rappers in the Mzansi hip hop. Speaking after the release of the song, Emtee slammed Big Xhosa, the “We Up” hitmaker alluded to Big Xhosa being “mentally disturbed.”

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Big Xhosa Shares Why His Attitude Is Costing Him Support In SA Hip Hop

Sharing on his Instagram story, Big Xhosa revealed the reason why most rappers don’t like him and why his attitude is costing him great opportunities in the rap game. “And the Oscar goes to SA rappers and OGs for acting like they don’t see me. I see everyone supporting everyone but me. Kanti what did I do to y’all? Even politicians show me support but not y’all. I feel like I don’t belong in the “culture.” My attitude is me being confident in myself, I ain’t disrespecting and looking down on nobody. I’m not arrogant, I’m confident AF. I love and respect everybody. God bless y’all tho in Jesus name Amen,” he wrote.

Recently, Big Xhosa released a doctored video of him on the popular American radio show Sway In The Morning. His rapping style on the video managed to get a listening ear from Mzansi hip hop followers but not everyone was pleased with his stunt.

Soon after the release of the video NOTA came out and slammed the rapper for not being serious with his career and the reason why no one in the game want to work with him. A big joke got views but no-one takes him seriously, no-one wants to collaborate. Big Xhosa is just a social media fad. That’s what happens when you don’t listen. I advise the kid many times but he knows better he must build himself a house with the screenshot of him trending #1. Said NOTA.

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