Gemini Major Offers His Services To Meek Mill

Gemini Major Offers His Services To Meek Mill. When it comes to grabbing any opportunity that arises with both hands, producer and rapper Gemini Major is a very good example. He has recently taken a shot at an opportunity that might be life changing if it can result to his favour.

American rapper Meek Mill took to social media to put the word out that he is in need of beats. Gemini is a producer who has been a mastermind and creator of many songs. His talent is undeniable. To take things up a notch in his career he took a chance to get Meek Mill to recognize him and work with him.

Major has a show titled Recipe on Slikour On Life which see him do thorough breakdown on the music he has worked on. Unlike Verse Of The Month which deciphers lyrics, Gemini gives a clear explaination on the why, how and what of the beats of the song and alignment of lyrics, melody and tempo.

The collaboration of both artists would be just another achievemmt worthy to celebratre. Hopfeully Meek responds to Major.

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